A Coil for your Vape:

When its time to replace your coil, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at Oils & Coils online vape store.

We stock a variety of coils for every device, including coils from the biggest brands in vaping. This includes: Aspire, HorizonTech, GeekVape, Smok, VooPoo and Vaporesso.

Coils, also called atomisers or coil heads, are a vital component of any e-cigarette device. The ‘mod’, or battery component of your e-cigarette sends an electric current through the coil which heats the wire which in turn heats the e-liquid in your tank or pod. This turns the liquid into vapour that you inhale. Think of it like an element in a kettle for heating water.

The coil resistance really refers to the conductive wire that carries the electric current from the battery and was traditionally shaped like a spiral coil to allow the current to contact the wicking material, usually cotton, that is in contact with the wire. These days, coil come in many different forms including mesh, and multiple coil formations. Coils can also come in a variety of materials. This includes: stainless steel, kanthal wire, ceramic and titanium. These all produce a different quality of vape experience, affecting the flavour and vapour produced.